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YDAP Registration Form

As of Wednesday, June 30th at 5pm, DFTC will no longer be accepting referrals for the Y-DAP program.  Clients who register for the Y-DAP program BEFORE 5pm on June 30th WILL be able to complete the course at DFTC.  Clients attempting to register for the program AFTER 5pm on June 30th will be re-directed back to the court.  If you have been referred to the Y-DAP program through the courts, please contact the court where you received your ticket for further instructions.  If you need additional information, please contact Monica Collins at 303-456-0600 x138 or



Thank you for your enrollment in the Youth Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program at Denver Family Therapy Center! Your online registration form will be reviewed by the YDAP program coordinator to ensure all eligibility requirements have been met. This review includes verifying court case and/or ticket number information if applicable. You will be contacted by telephone or email to schedule the initial 1-hour YDAP intake. The communication response you selected at the time of registration will be the manner in which you will be contacted. Please allow 48 hours after your submission before inquiring on your enrollment. Online submissions are processed in the order they are received.

Please keep in mind that YDAP is a diversion program for first time offenses and cannot be taken a subsequent time to satisfy a drug and/or alcohol related ticket. If you feel you have been issued the YDAP program in error, please contact the issuing municipal court for clarification.

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Register for YDAP Classes

State law prohibits Denver Family Therapy Center from collecting data from our website from individuals under age of 14. Please contact the YDAP Program Coordinator directly at 303-456-0600 ext. 138 to register for classes.

By checking this box I understand that I must be at least 14 years of age or older and that a parent or guardian will be need to be in attendance for the entire program. The purpose for involving parents in YDAP program is to ensure any issue related to the adolescent substance use or possession is adequately addressed in a collaborative process to identifying opportunities to change the course of substance use or possession.