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Please note that DFTC will not be scheduling new clients for in-office appointments until January 2022. We do have daytime appointments available through telehealth.


If you need to make a payment or drop off UAs, please call our office at (303) 456-0600 and dial “0” to see if someone is available at the front desk.


If no one answers the phone, please leave a voicemail for Jenn (business manager) at extension 145 and she will return your call and collect your credit card information.


If you need to drop off your UA, please contact your therapist for instructions.


Thanks for your patience during these turbulent times. Stay safe and healthy.


Denver Family Therapy Center (DFTC) has been serving the Denver Metro area since 1993. Our staff is comprised of highly trained, experienced clinicians who are goal oriented, flexible, and empathetic.

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Why Choose Us?

Our practice prides itself on providing “comprehensive psychotherapy services” to the greater Denver metro area since 1993. DFTC therapists are highly trained, experienced professionals who are goal oriented, flexible, responsive, and empathetic. DFTC is a “strength based” agency. We believe all clients come to us with inherent strengths which we utilize to help them solve their difficulties. DFTC is honored to treat all people regardless of ethnicity, gender, age, or sexual orientation.

We offer individual therapy, couples or marriage therapy, family therapy, and combinations thereof in order to best meet your needs. We are primarily insurance-based and offer telehealth sessions as well as limited in-person sessions.

DFTC is also the home of the Adolescent Substance Abuse Program (ASAP).

Register for YDAP Classes

State law prohibits Denver Family Therapy Center from collecting data from our website from individuals under age of 14. Please contact the YDAP Program Coordinator directly at 303-456-0600 ext. 138 to register for classes.

By checking this box I understand that I must be at least 14 years of age or older and that a parent or guardian will be need to be in attendance for the entire program. The purpose for involving parents in YDAP program is to ensure any issue related to the adolescent substance use or possession is adequately addressed in a collaborative process to identifying opportunities to change the course of substance use or possession.