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DFTC Provider Directory

DFTC Provider Directory

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David Blair (Co-Director) – david.blair@dftc.biz
Jamie Blair Echevarria (Co-Director) – jamie.be@dftc.biz

Independent Contractors

Robin Baker – robin.baker@dftc.biz
Olivia Cichon – olivia.cichon@dftc.biz
Kori Clark – kori.clark@dftc.biz
Jane Davidson – jane.davidson@dftc.biz
LaTonya Dulaney-Harris -latonya.harris@dftc.biz
Mike Hamerly – mike.hamerly@dftc.biz
Laurie Hipley – laurie.hipley@dftc.biz
Rena Hodge – rena.hodge@dftc.biz
Valerie Hotz Callis – valerie.hc@dftc.biz
Lehala.Isaacson – lehala.isaacson@dftc.biz
Brianna Johnson – brianna.johnson@dftc.biz
Kirsten Kunkle – kirsten.kunkle@dftc.biz
Lori Loretta – lori.loretta@dftc.biz
Glory McDaniel – glory.mcdaniel@dftc.biz
Amy Martin – amy.martin@dftc.bi
Sharon Olson – sharon.olson@dftc.biz
Shenelle Roebuck – shenelle.roebuck@dftc.biz
Alexandra Rothschild – alexandra.rothschild@dftc.biz
Scott Ryder – scott.ryder@dftc.biz
Marianne Sandstrom -marianne.sandstrom@dftc.biz
Tracey Schreiber – tracey.schreiber@dftc.biz
Ariel Steinweg-Woods – ariel.sw@dftc.biz
August Tousignant-Stanton – august.ts@dftc.biz
Sue White – sue.white@dftc.biz

ASAP/Outpatient Employees

Dino Abeyta (FCC) – dino.abeyta@dftc.biz
Morgan Agagah-Parlato (MH) – morgan.agagah@dftc.biz
Nich Dhillon (ASAP) – nich.dhillon@dftc.biz
Samantha Kelley (ASAP Coordinator/FCC) – asap@dftc.biz
Sara Malnati (MH) – sara.malnati@dftc.biz
Dionna Santoro (ASAP) – dionna.santoro@dftc.biz

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners

Colleen Blair Michel (PMHNP) – colleen.bm@dftc.biz

Office Staff

Janelle Benedict (Billing) – janelle.benedict@dftc.biz
Louise Bengston (Billing) – louise.bengston@dftc.biz
Patti Garner (Admin) – patti.garner@comcast.net
Cara Neary (Office Manager/Billing) – cara.neary@dftc.biz
Noelle Foote (Referral Coordinator) – info@dftc.biz