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Patient Grievance Procedure

Patient Grievance Procedure

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Patients, Parents, and/or guardians have a right to voice complaints or appeals about the organization or care provided.


  • All patient, parent and/or guardian complaints will be processed immediately without alternation, interference, or unreasonable delay.
  • All complaints can be submitted in written form and submitted to the Office Manager, Lindsey Taylor-Bahr, at info@dftc.biz.  The company phone number is 303-456-0600.
  • A Program Manager will prove a written response to the patient, parents and/or guardian within three working days.
  • All complaints will be documented in the patient’s chart, with investigating findings and resulting action taken by the program.
  • If the patient, parent, and/or guardian are unsatisfied with the findings they can appeal the decision by notifying the Co-Director of Denver Family Therapy Center in writing, of the dissatisfaction.  The Director, Jamie Blair Echevarria, will have five working days to investigate the complaint and provide a written response to the appeal.  Her email is Jamie.be@dftc.biz.
  • Under no circumstances will the patient, parent, and/or guardian be subject to any adverse actions as a result of iling a complaint.
  • A copy of the complaint must be forwarded to the Behavioral Health Administration at 710 S. Ash St. Suite C140 Denver, CO 80246

Clients can file a complaint directly to BHA as well.  Complaints should be sent to: https://bha.colorado.gov/contact/contact-us.