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Aurora Owen Therapist
Aurora Owen

Aurora is a culturally sensitive therapist who strives to work with clients become their best selves. She is a licensed professional counselor with a passion for working with grief and loss, depression, anxiety, trauma, and vicarious trauma. Aurora also specializes in life transitions, existential issues, and increasing self-esteem.

Aurora completed her Master of Arts in International Disaster Psychology and has experience working with diverse populations both locally and abroad. ...

Barbara Bond
Barbara Bond LPC, LAC, CMFT

You and your family are important to me! I enjoy working collaboratively with couples, families, children, as well as individuals in a systemic, strengths based, culturally sensitive way. I strive to be solution focused, and goal oriented as well as understanding, and supportive. I am in the office Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, with some evening hours. It is a privilege to be of service.

Alan J.
Cassidy Erickson LMFT

My background and training lies in the field of Marriage and Family Therapy, so I look at every situation through a relational and contextual lens whether I'm working with an individual, a couple, or a family. I focus on patterns of behavior and resulting cycles of interaction. My approach is strength-based, goal oriented and solution focused. I enjoy collaborating with families and individuals to deepen and strengthen relationships - with each other and within themselves.

Charles Speich LPC

**Not accepting new clients**

The approach I take as a therapist is to utilize solution focused therapy with clearly defined goals. As a clinician, I believe that it is important that each family and individual be accepted for who they are and where they are at currently. Together, we will collaboratively define goals and solutions to resolve identified issues.

Darin Wallis
Clinical Fellow & Approved Supervisor

***Not accepting new clients***

Since 1996, my therapeutic practice includes working with individuals, couples, families, and with substance abuse. I specialize in couples and family therapy, in addition to working with substance abusing adolescents and adults. I operate from a systems theory approach, which dominates all aspects of my MFT practice. For continuity of care, I enjoy collaborating with outside resources such as probation, human services, schools,...

David Blair LCSW, CAC III

Every family/couple/individual is unique. You are the expert on yourself. Together we set goals, develop a plan, and evaluate progress. Your strengths serve as the primary tool for this process.

Doug Parro Therapist
Doug Parro LPC

A true generalist, Mr. Parro works with emotionally disturbed children and adolescents, adults, and couples. His practice in Cognitive-Behaviorism is complimented by his interest and continuing studies of play therapy and relaxation therapy. 

Hannah Dudley
Hannah Dudley LMFT

Feeling heard. Being seen. Having presence. These are things that matter personally to Hannah. Things that make her feel like she can get through the rough times, come back to her true self, feel motivated to conquer goals, and fully celebrate successes. Because these qualities have tremendously helped Hannah through numerous up’s and down’s over the years, she hopes to embody these same qualities to create similar feelings for her clients. The road may not be clear, smooth, or what you...

Jamie Blair Echevarria LCSW, LMFT, CACIII
Clinical Director for the Adolescent Substance Abuse Program (ASAP), Clinical Director for the Youth Drug Alcohol Prevention program (Y-DAP), Co-Director of DFTC

**Not currently accepting new clients.**

I work with clients and families from a strengths-based and solution-focused perspective. I will work with you and your family to identify and establish goals for our work together and a plan for attaining those goals. I prefer to focus on the present problem/experience and utilize as many of the families natural resources as possible. I like to work collaboratively with my clients, as I respect that you are the expert...

Jan Ruby Counselor
Jan Ruby LPC

I believe most people seeking professional therapy services have already made many attempts at addressing their issues and problems. Therapy can be an intimidating experience and the decision to seek therapy is a courageous one. My approach with my clients is collaborative, one that is client centered and strengths-based in an effort to find workable solutions, resolution, and hope. I utilize evidenced-based therapy frameworks such Cognitive/Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy...

Jason Conger LCSW, LMFT

***Not currently accepting new clients***

I believe it is an honor to engage others in their journey towards meaningful and lasting change. I subscribe to an integrated approach to therapy. What this means is that I draw on my knowledge of several modalities to intervene and solve problems. I view things from a systemic lens, taking into account not only the individual, but also the environment and relationships involved with that person. Using insight...

Marianne Sandstrom MA, LPC

I became a therapist later in life, and almost by accident.   I had been a professional raft guide, a horse trainer, a carpenter, an insurance underwriter, an EMT, and a really bad waitress

Not surprisingly, I am not a conventional therapist.   I am pragmatic and down to earth in my approach.  I have worked for decades in a rural impoverish region of Colorado and recognize that many people can’t afford the time and expense of long-term therapy.  Rather, it is important to move as...

Marisa Teel Tallmadge MA, LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor

***Not currently accepting new clients***

The reason I became a therapist is because I have seen and believe in people’s ability to make real and lasting changes in their lives. My approach is to empower you and your family to make the changes you want in your life. Together we work collaboratively to identify your unique strengths that will help you work through challenges and reach your goals. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and have a Masters...

Michael Hamerly LPC, MA, Nationally Certified Counselor, Chaplain

I specialize in couples counseling, marriage counseling and men’s issues. FOR COUPLES, I help you use your existing strengths in a process involving Calming, Listening, Recommitting and Problem-Solving. This work invokes deep wounds underneath the repeated, painful conflict. Healing those wounds is the victory you need. FOR MEN, whether your struggle is relational, depression, anxiety, work-related or another, I will understand. We can discover the repeating cycle and interrupt it with new...

Scott Ryder LPC

I will work with you in a collaborative way to reach the goals set forth in our sessions.

Sharon Olson
Sharon Olson PhD, LCSW, PLLC

Individuals and Couples - As your therapist, I am committed to working with you to identify and understand the problems that are negatively impacting you, to helping you find ways to solve these problems and to guiding your efforts to grow as a person, friend and family member.
Children and Adolescents - As the therapist you've chosen to work with you and your child or teenager, I am committed to providing a thorough assessment of his/her problems,...

Steven Fisher
Steven Fisher LPC

As a counselor and consultant I have spent the last 22 years helping people and groups to transform their relationships and their lives. I bring a depth of understanding of human communication and human behavior gained through years of training and experience in working to help others improve their lives and relationships. I have worked with individuals, couples, families, groups and organizations in a variety of settings. I lead seminars and workshops that teach people to dramatically...

Sue White LCSW

I’m a goal-oriented therapist, focused on helping you move toward a better space. If you are motivated to improve your relationships, your outlook, or your interaction with the world and the people around you, I’m happy to help you find that path. I am not an on-the-couch therapist, and my goals go far beyond listening to your problems. Together, we will find steps that you can take – beginning with your first session – to move toward the place you want to be.

Valerie Hotz-Callis

After working with individuals, couples and families for over 30 years, I’m continuously inspired by working with people when life’s transitions, pressures and challenges feel out of balance and overwhelming. Therapy is a process of hope and trust: our work is fully confidential. Each person, every couple and family have strengths and unique abilities to develop skills, restore a personal sense of balance, and reclaim fulfilling relationships. My approach is tailored to you and your family....

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